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 Welcome to the poet Sheng Zhao's site!

“Il n´y a rien plus net que les sommets de ‘l'infini’.   --- Baudelaire
“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge,….”  --- Proverbs 1:7
“ The 21 century must unify the rich and the poor or else it will be the perishing century.” --- Sheng Zhao
没有任何比 无限 ’  的顶点更锋利的了. ”  --- 波德莱尔
敬畏耶和华是知识的开端 ” --- 箴言 1:7
二十一世纪:富人与穷人联合的世纪 /否则就将是一个灭亡的世纪 .”  --- 圣兆



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You will find some translations in English such as of the poem “Huoben” which you will find translated already at the page Writings next to the Chinese original or articles at the link Translations.
For writings and photos of actuality visit Sheng Zhao’s blog here.

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